Customized Habilitation Services



Facility Based Day Habilitation 

We offer facility based day habilitation (day treatment) at both facilities 5 days per week, 6 hours per day.  Community outings, facilitating social awareness, and community integration are a significant component of the program and are scheduled for one to two hours per day.  There are over 110 different daily living skills, prevocational and vocational training programs. All consumers are eligible.

Prevocational training focuses on the skills necessary to seek, obtain and maintain employment in any setting.  Maximizing vocational and employment potential by learning skills to improve daily living, socialization, and personal care skills are all available through our day habilitation services. The programs are individualized to each consumer’s hopes, needs, skills and potential developed by an interdisciplinary team and written by the behavioral support professional (BSP) after thorough assessment and evaluation.  Direct care staff implement the programs and together with the BSP continuously monitor consumer performance and adjusting programs as needs change or grow.

For some consumers, meaningful employment at RNS or Watch may be their ultimate placement, either because of the intensity of disabilities or because there is not employment in the local job market that matches their skills. The vocational programs have made a life-changing impact on the our consumers day-to-day lives. Every extra dollar earned is utilized to assist our consumers in meeting his or her life needs.

Service Coordination

Service Coordination is one of the most important services provided from both the consumer and agency perspective.  The primary function is to ensure that individuals have access to necessary resources in the local community.  Our case managers serve both children and adults, residing in their own homes, foster homes, or facilities run by licensed providers (group homes or staffed apartments.)  All eligible individuals are provided service coordination services regardless of ability to pay.

Service Coordinators provide:

  • Advocacy
  • Monitoring
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Linkage and referral
  • Convening annual, quarterly, and special team meetings
  • Preparing social histories
  • Ensuring psychological and other evaluations are completed in a timely manner


Behavioral Support Professional Services

Behavioral Support Professionals are professionally trained and credentialed staff available to perform functional and behavioral assessments and develop Positive Behavior Support plans for implementation by direct care staff.  These PBS plans are reviewed quarterly to ensure the plan grows with the consumer.

Residential Services

We currently owns and operates 12 residential facilities in the Wheeling area.  The primary goal of the program is to enable individuals with disabilities to live in integrated community settings that maximize their ability to reach their life potential.  Facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Referrals are accepted.

Supported Employment & Job Development

Our supported employment and job development program identifies, develops, and matches community employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities with the assistance of a job coach.  Job procurement and job training are provided.  After placement, the job coach phases out until removed but continues regular contact with the employer and remains available for assistance or additional training should the employer’s needs change.  If an individual has been placed in supportive employment from one of our other work programs, he or she can always return to the program if his/her community job is eliminated or employment terminated.

Nursing Services

Health and safety are of the utmost importance for our consumers.  The nurses monitor, supervise and train staff who perform medical related tasks.  They review and adjust the Medication Administration Records for consumers.  Additional services offered include: completing monthly physician orders, conducting nutritional assessments, communicating with clients’ physicians, health care providers with prescriptive authority, and pharmacies concerning medication issues.

Agency Respite

Our respite program provides a period of relief for primary caregivers of loved ones with disabilities. Caring for a loved one with disabilities at home can be a demanding task that allows little or no time for taking care of personal errands or free time.  Respite providers relieve the primary caregiver and oversee the care of the individual with disabilities allowing for personal time.  Set hours and staff are available.

Russell Nesbitt is developing a structured “agency respite” program that will have set hours and staff available to provide such respite to caregivers.