Customized Habilitation Services



Day Habilitation 

Russell Nesbitt Services provides day habilitation, also known as day treatment, at our main facility at 431 Fulton Street in Wheeling, WV.  The service is offered 5 days per week for approximately 6 hours  per day.  Individuals may attend full-time or part-time as they or their guardians wish.  Transportation is provided.

Day habilitation is a program of instruction that incorporates basic living, pre-vocational, and behavioral/social skill development specific to the individual’s needs.  In addition to time spent at the facility, day habilitation attendees go into the community to explore, to practice the skills they have learned, and to broaden their familiarity with their community.  Fully vetted and trained direct service staff provide the daily training.  In addition, Russell Nesbitt Services provides behavioral support services and nursing oversight as needed.

Employment is the ultimate goal for many day treatment participants.  For others, increasing independence in their living environment or improving social skills may be the person’s primary goal.

Important additional benefits of the program include making friends, celebrating holidays and special occasions, and just having fun.

Referrals are welcome.

Service Coordination/Case Management

Service Coordination,also known as case management, is required for all individuals who receive Title XIX Home and Community  Based Waiver services.  The role of service coordinators is to ensure that the individual’s needs are met and that funding for those services is approved by state authorities.  Service coordinators support adults and children living in family homes, in agency group homes, in staffed apartments in the community or in foster homes.

Service Coordinators provide:

  • Advocacy
  • Linkage and referral
  • Health and welfare monitoring
  • Budgetary oversight
  • Treatment planning
  • Assurance that services in the treatment plan are implemented


Behavioral Support Professional Services

Positive behavior support is the foundation of all services and supports for the people in our care.  Behavior Support Professionals are credentialed and trained in the principals of positive behavior support.  These staff assess the behavior of people served, develop plans to address problematic behaviors and increase positive behaviors, then train direct service staff in the implementation of those plans.  The goal is to help the people we serve develop appropriate and positive ways to express their needs and desires.

Residential Services

We are pleased to help individuals with disabilities live in the home of their choice in the community of their choice.

Russell Nesbitt Services offers residential support in small licensed group homes owned by the company, in apartments and homes in the community, and in natural family settings.

Our goal in residential services is to help individuals develop the skills to live as independently as possible.  Staffing is provided by screened and trained direct service personnel at ratios determined through individual treatment planning.  Medical oversight by a registered nurse and /or a licensed practical nurse is available.  We strive to always provide protective oversight with respect for the dignity of the person.

Referrals are welcome.

Peer Support

The program is designed for any member of the community with a disability to get together three times every month with a group peers to socialize, recreate and have fun!  At Peer Support gatherings, individuals take cooking lessons, participate in craft activities , exercise, enjoy music and dance, go on outings in the community, celebrate holidays and birthdays, and make new friends.

Peer Support also serves as respite for caretakers.  Once the individual is able to participate independently, caretakers can use that time for themselves.  Caretakers are also welcome to participate in activities and can benefit from making new connections themselves!

Nursing Services

Ensuring the health and safety of every individual served in our residential program or in one of our day programs is the agency’s greatest obligation.

Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) employed by Russell Nesbitt Services are tasked with ensuring that the people we serve in our residential program are connected with local health practitioners and that each person receives the care they are prescribed on an on-going basis.  Nurses make referrals to specialists as needed and communicate with medical personnel, hospitals and pharmacies.  Nurses also conduct nutritional assessments and make dietary recommendations.

LPNs provide direct nursing in community home settings that would otherwise have to be provided out of the home, including administering treatments and medication.

State approved RNs conduct classes for direct service staff to certify them in unlicensed medication administration.  RNs follow-up by conducting regular observations to staff who administer medications to ensure that all procedures are followed.

In our day services, nurses are available for minor first aid, assessments of medical concerns, and consultation with families and care providers.

Agency Respite

Caring for a loved one with a disability is frequently demanding and exhausting.  Russell Nesbitt Services seeks to help caretakers by offering respite whenever possible.   Sometimes all a caregiver needs is a little time away from their every-day responsibilities to run personal errands, attend to their home, rest, socialize, or spend time with other family members and friends.

Respite is arranged individually and can occur in the person’s home or in a community setting.