The commencement of the complete secure document destruction business, WatchDog, transpired in October of 2010. Being able to create and offer careers to individuals with disabilities in a reverse integrated environment as even more “poetic” since October is the recognition month for Employment Awareness for Individuals with Disabilities. WatchDog created 11 new jobs in the Ohio Valley. The secure document destruction service is an additional revenue source for WATCH. WatchDog will generate revenue from the initial secure destruction of documents and also the recycling of shredded baled paper through Georgia Pacific. The secure document destruction service allows businesses to securely purge important documents containing personal and confidential information. WatchDog offers a pick up service to their customers.

A feature that sets WatchDog apart from its competition is that the operations has the ability and equipment to track the customer’s documents from the time they are picked up at the customer’s facility to the time they are recycled. Customers can view their documents being destroyed via a secure internet site. WatchDog is currently employing marketing efforts to increase the customer base and achieve sustainability. WatchDog is currently working to expend the space available for the secure document destruction enterprise by sectioning off a portion of the current “production floor” used for contracts and repurposing an underutilized space in the building that used to house the agency’s silk screen operations (which were destroyed in the September 2004 flood). These renovations allow for the full utilization of the building in furtherance of the agency mission and goals while diversifying the sources of revenue and types of jobs available.