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Providing training in daily living, socialization and personal care skills, Day treatment is provided at WATCH to consumers who need additional services in order to maximize their vocational and employment potential. Day Treatment is provided in conjunction with prevocational and vocational skills training. Services are based on individualized skills and behavioral training programs developed by an interdisciplinary team and written by the Therapeutic Consultant after thorough assessment and evaluation. Direct care staff implements the programs, with the Therapeutic Consultant constantly monitoring performance and making adjustments as the individual’s needs change.

Prevocational training:

Prevocational training focuses on the skills necessary to seek, obtain and maintain employment in any setting. Prevocational services at WATCH are provided in conjunction with the various production activities. Direct care staff are then trained to implement the programs designed by the Therapeutic Consultant who then constantly monitors the consumer’s performance and makes adjustments as the individual’s needs change.

Extended Employment:

For some consumers, WATCH may be their ultimately terminal placement, either because of the intensity of the disabilities or because there is not a job in the local job market that matches their skills. For these consumers, the contracts that are processed within the walls of WATCH become their “work” and the struggle then is to try and integrate non-disabled workers into that environment so that reverse integration can be achieved by bringing the “world” into WATCH instead of the consumer working in the “world”.

The vocational programs have made a life-changing impact on the participants’ day-to-day lives. Every extra dollar that is earned is utilized to assist individual in meeting his or her life needs. Extended employment has traditionally been subsidized by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation but the funding stream has been decreased over the years, leaving a larger “hole” to fill for unfunded consumers.

Other Programs Provided:

Vocational Evaluations
Job Coaching
Work Adjustment
Prevocational Training
Behavior Management and Positive Behavioral Support
Therapeutic Assault Prevention (TAPS)
CPR, First Aid and OSHA Training
Professional Continuing Education Programs
Other related services available through Russell Nesbitt Services