Community Services


Russell Nesbitt Services prides itself on providing a range of vocational training and work opportunities for people with disabilities.

The mission of WATCH is to provide meaningful, paid employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Watch Inc. is a sheltered employment site where workers with disabilities earn wages commensurate with their abilities.  Some workers earn minimum wage for certain jogs while others may earn piece rate. One of the primary jobs at Watch is shredding and recycling of documents.  Businesses in the community contract with us to securely destroy sensitive documents.  A recent addition to our offerings at Watch is a greenhouse.  Here workers learn to grow and sell live seasonal plants.  The goal of sheltered employment is both the immediate and long-term.  We seek to teach individuals the work skills and habits that will help them attain competitive work in the future.  Watch has several community contracts that require workers with disabilities to leave the sheltered workshop site and work in integrated settings within community businesses or public facilities