Offering Community Services




The mission of WATCH is to provide meaningful, paid employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. In a society where much of our status in a community arises out of what we do for a living or the mere fact that we are employed, “work” becomes an essential component of defining who we are and what our role will be within the community. For many individuals with disabilities, “work” is what transforms them from a “recipient” status to a “contributor” status. That one single transformation can impact not only the individual consumer, but his/her peers, his/her network of supports, and the community as a whole.

WATCH is a vocational program that provides training and employment services to individuals with cognitive, physical and developmental disabilities. The primary goal of the agency is to provide employment opportunities for these individuals in a work environment that is as integrated and diverse as possible. This is accomplished by training and employment on one of the many work contracts serviced in the sheltered workshop (extended employment); assisting them in their transition to competitive employment (transitional or supported employment); or assisting them in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in the private business community (competitive employment).